Kabataş High School was established in Esma Sultan Mansion in Kabataş district in 1908. The school started its education life in 1909 under the management of the first and founding principal, Hasan Tahsin, with 7 classes and 276 students. The founding mission of the school has been determined as “to train educated and patriotic administrative staff who will serve the Ottoman Empire”. During the First Balkan War, Kabataş High School sent many teachers and senior students to the war. As a result of the general mourning, which was declared with the great sadness caused by the result of the war in the country, on March 7, 1913, the red and white colours of the school uniform were changed to red and black. Kabataş High School, which was transformed into a “Sultani” in 1913, started to accept boarding students for the first time in 1919.

Kabataş High School moved to the Feriye Palace campus, where it is still located, in the 1928-29 academic year. Although the main purpose of the Feriye Palace was the settlement of the Sultan and his relatives, this is also a historical place that witnessed tragic events such as the murder of Sultan Abdulaziz II. In the 1993-94 academic year, female students began to be admitted to the school. The school, which gained the status of “Super High School” in the academic year of 1992-93 and “Anatolian High School” in the academic year of 1998-99, continues its education as one of the highest quality educational institutions in Turkey with its foreign language education, high academic success and distinguished student profile… In the 2006-2007 academic year, the school gained a separate status among Anatolian high schools that implements “preparatory + 4 years” education. The school still has about 900 students. Nearly 250 of the students are boarding students. There are boarding sections for boys and girls. Kabataş High School, which aims to have a voice for the young people it raises in the Turkey of the future, is self-confident, does not remain indifferent to events, respects the rules of society, attaches importance to ethical values, and prepares young people for academic higher education and life, is one of our schools that maintains its corporate culture with its successful graduates, as it has in the past of more than a century.