SPECPOL stands for the United Nations General Assembly’s Fourth Committee, which deals with Special Political and Decolonization issues. It is one of six committees in the General Assembly and is tasked with addressing a wide range of global political issues. Regarding the role of civil society in post-conflict peacebuilding; civil society organizations play a vital role in post-conflict peacebuilding by promoting social cohesion, supporting transitional justice, and fostering community-led development.

In KMUN23 the committee will address the ethics of exclusion of Russian officials, athletes, artists, and academics from international organizations and embargoes. Measures taken against Russia on the grounds of the Russia-Ukraine war can impede cultural exchange and limit the exchange of ideas. Addressing this requires finding a balance between holding Russia accountable and promoting engagement and dialogue.

About the issue of international recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia; the breakaway regions of Georgia declared independence in the 1990s, with Russia and a few other countries recognizing their independence. The international community has not recognized them, leading to ongoing tensions and conflict. The committee will aim to find a common ground for these crucial issues.