Whether personal or political, we all can agree that the spans of our life entailed crises, hardship, and turmoil. What one experiences in their life may seem inconsequential regarding crucial issues of today’s politics, yet it is exceedingly influential when we advocate for a brand of politics that is not
detached from the public but rather serves to actively touch and increase the material conditions of its citizens. The second-wave feminism movement of the 1960s stated: “Personal is Political.” Given the recent developments in our public and civic spaces, it has been repeatedly shown that the decision-making mechanisms and the interactions could not have been more relevant and more impactful on a profound and personal level. Personal experiences of citizens are a reflection of the current political state, thus change in the political system starts with personal consciousness and action. However, change never comes without struggle.

As KMUN, we have aspired to be the spark of light when there is complete darkness. Initiating political change for justice and freedom for all is our fundamental mission, even in times of political uncertainty and an unprecedented lack of dialogue. Hence, the theme of KMUN 2023 is “Per Aspera ad Astra: initiating change for equity and liberty during political uncertainty” As the Latin translates: through hardships to the stars. The current state of politics around the world may seem disheartening with the democratic backsliding, and passing of laws that lead us back to centuries when
women and minorities were harshly disenfranchised. Our institutions and democratic processes having failed us, cynicism and distrust in humanity’s ability to coexist are commonplace. However, there may always be room for political innovation, no matter how dire the situation is.

With our agenda’s spanning from worldwide to more local problems and conflicts we hope for every attendee to grasp the power they hold and instill a more hopeful way of thinking. While always looking from the bright side could prove to be a detached way of viewing life, this shouldn’t lead people to spiral into a pessimistic way of living. Especially with problems of today’s, world giving up is the ultimate way of ensuring that the worst outcome occurs. Every step in the right way counts.

Among all the cruel acts happening around the world, which we recognize as important and worthy of taking action against depends on how it is being represented. We aim to vocalize what lacks recognition by reinvigorating the power of the youth. By including agendas concerning what has been feared to be debated, we as the youth determine what the world should start talking about. During the conference, we encourage every attendee to voice their opinion without fear. Innovative solutions start with questioning what has been accepted as the truth. It is now our turn to be the change that we seek in today’s world.

Azra Özen – Kaya Altuntaş – Arda Mert Özşekerci