Two colliding sub-committees, share conflicting ideologies and wish to achieve the same goal, are named as Joint Crisis Cabinet, in common parlance JCC. Joint Crisis Cabinets are fast-paced and advanced crisis committees, which means that delegates are expected to take actions regarding the crises given prior. Joint Crisis Cabinets may be troubled with various agendas such as elections, wars and conflicts between several political parties and different cabinets. In KMUN 2021, a very challenging and exciting war will be the agenda item of the Joint Crisis Cabinet: The Franco-Prussian War also known as Franco-German War. The main belligerents are the Second French Empire and North German Confederation led by the Kingdom of Prussia. In the wake of the dispute over the Spanish succession by Leopold Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen who was related to the Prussian Royal House, French’s position as the dominant power in Europe was threatened by the German States under the leadership of Prussia. In history, the coalition of German states led by Prussia defeated France which resulted in the end of French hegemony in Europe and creation of a unified Germany. During the forthcoming edition of KMUN, delegates from each cabinet will be expected to work diligently to preserve and maintain their ideologies along with their existence in the conflict territory and will try to shape the history in accordance to the ideologies their cabinet pursues.

Painted by Anton von Werner
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