The International Labour Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) which is dedicated to improving labour conditions and social/economic justice on a global scale by setting International Labour Standards. The ILO has many missions such as but not limited to; bringing the member states’ governments, employers, and employees together to develop policies, set labour standards, and create programmes that support equitable working rights. The agency is in charge of setting accessible and sustainable labor standards that support international security, freedom, and fair equity. The promotion of tripartism within the ILO aims to devise more sustainable and just programmes and policies, by encouraging all three constituents (member states, employers, and workers) to actively participate in the devisal process. In KMUN 2022, ILO delegates will be reviewing the replacement of human labor with automation and Artificial Intelligence in the post-pandemic world, and addressing the issues of child labor in the mining industry and global supply chains, and forced labor with special emphasis on Arabian Peninsula.


I. Reviewing the replacement of human labor to automation and Artificial Intelligence in a post-pandemic world.

II. Addressing the issue of child labor in mining and global supply chains.

III. Tackling the issue of forced labor to targeted groups, with special emphasis on Saudi Arabia.

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