The First Committee of General Assembly also known as DISEC copes with issues regarding threats to international peace and focuses on establishing a stable, conflict-free global stage for the Member States. The First Committee takes all disarmament and security matters into consideration, attempting to strengthen the stability in favour of other UN organs and the Member States through the lowest adequate levels of armaments potentially, by regulating armaments within and outside of Member States and promoting cooperative arrangements and measures between the Member States. The First Committee is the sole Main Committee of the General Assembly that possesses verbatim records coverage.

In KMUN 2022, The First Committee DISEC will be endeavouring to tackle the issues of cyber warfare, particularly regarding the Iran-Israel conflict. The First Committee will also be discussing the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons with a special emphasis on humanitarian effects of such weapons, as well as the data protection laws at the age of surveillance pointing out the abuse of COVID-19 related tracking technologies.


I. Addressing the issue of cyber warfare, with emphasis on the Iran-Israel case

II. Addressing data protection at the age of surveillance, while preventing the misuse of COVID-19 related tracking technologies.

III. Viewing the proliferation of biological and chemical weapons, with special emphasis on biological or chemical warfare’s humanitarian impacts. 

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