“On 22 September 1762 Catherine Alexeievna Romanova was crowned” This moment is a significant turn point in the history of the Russian Empire which will cement its significance till this day. The echoes of her era can still be heard throughout these days which includes the Russo- Turkish War. Bloodshed, tears, and brutal success will define your reign. You will not only be responsible for your empire but also the old remnants of dwindling European powers the Russian Empire will be the fresh breeze of innovation that Eurasia lacks. The power to reshape the Eurasian region is in your hands so consider the path you want to pave. This is the era of Music, Art, and Military Conquest but also Royal scandals. You will be remembered as the Cabinet that started the Russian Enlightenment if everything goes to plan. Spanning from the Bering Sea to Odessa you will try to establish the legacy which followed Catherine the Great.