Advisory Panels are the structures which provide advisory opinions regarding the issues, the panel was formed for, by the UN Secretary-General. The Advisory Panel’s priority is to provide comprehensive, professional and unbiased advice to another committee, an organization or a corporation; meanwhile avoiding opposing any specific members’ opinion. Experts who are experienced and well-educated in the context of the international relations and the principals of the committee are tasked to provide the defence of their respective countries or the organizations. Since the Advisory Panel is an advisory agency and has no power to impose any penalties directly to a state, documents adopted by the Advisory Panel are non-binding and do not have to be validated by the states. Furthermore, experts are not able to abstain or vote against in the voting procedure of a clause without having explained their reasons for not agreeing with the implementations posed by the respective clause in the context of their foreign policy.


I. The ongoing turmoil in the Rakhine region 

II. Reviewing the reliability of controversial election management processes while also sustaining political trust in Asian territories with a special focus on Thailand and Cambodia

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