The Advisory Panel’s mission is to provide assistance and expertise on crucial topics in specific regions. This committee consists of Experts regarding the subjects which the Advisory Panel is evaluating. This committee is established when a problem regarding a specific region comes up. The APQ OF SOUTH AMERICA AND CARIBBEANS will be addressing the issues regarding the post-Trump administration US-Mexico border issues and the issue of high crime rates especially around organized crime, specifically cartels. The decisions of the former US President Donald Trump are still affecting the situation at the US-Mexico border and the Advisory Panel should be able to come to a conclusion about any possible negative outcomes. Organized crime and high crime rates are a big factor affecting this region and relieving this situation are also expected from this Committee.


I. Reviewing the US-Mexico border issues post-Trump administration and building strategies for secure management of asylum seekers and migration.

II. Addressing the issue of corruption and high crime rates in South America and Caribbeans, centralized around the cartels.

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