Established in 1963 under the nomination of “the Organization of African Unity”, the African Union(AU) seeks to improve the living standards of all African communities by mediating the relations between African countries in a peaceful and rightful manner. After the disbandment of the Organization of African Unity in 2002, the African Union appeared as a substituting organization in the region. The African Union primarily aims to reach greater unity and solidarity between the African nations. Furthermore; the AU is responsible for defending the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of all African countries. Moreover, The AU works for the increase of economic cooperation among the member states and promotes peace, stability, and security on the continent. The African Union has a duty to fight human rights violations occurring in the continent and support sustainable development efforts on a continental scale. In addition, the AU enables the creation of a wide struggle network for all of the member states in the event of an epidemic or pandemic; especially by financing the health systems, scientific research efforts in the member countries. In KMUN 2022, delegates of the African Union Committee will be concerned with two actual agenda items, which are strengthening the health & nutrition facilities to ensure good management with emergencies or disease outbreaks and the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia, Tigray region.


I. Strengthening health and nutrition facilities to ensure good management with emergencies and disease outbreaks

II. The conflict in Ethiopia, Tigray region.

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