Ana Sayfa



Most esteemed participants,
On behalf of the secretariat, I cherish the pride and honor of welcoming you to the tenth annual session of Kabataş Model United Nations 2023.

During a time that history will mark as the times of uncertainty and disconcerting divide, gathering as the people of the world under the aspiration of peace and unity is crucial. It is expected the hear or express the need for change in the current system of political environments. Nevertheless, it is less common to observe actual initiative for a tomorrow which is united under solidarity. It all starts with talking about the issues which have an ineluctable impact on society but take no notice due to being
too controversial or dividing. The year left behind brought various complications whether it be the overturning of reproductive rights legislations, wars, or the refugee crisis. However, It gives me great hope that the trend of today’s politics could be ameliorated by the vanguards of the youth.

If I’m to quote the philosopher, revolutionary, and anti-war activist Rosa Luxembourg “Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently.” Given the challenges I faced that led me here at the very moment of writing this letter, my main aspiration is to be the voice of the disenfranchised. I’m proud to express that KMUN23 prides itself in effectively serving as a magnifying glass for underrepresented and underserved groups throughout our country and the world. Ampflying those voices is what validates and reaffirms our leading place among MUN and other
similar organizations at the high school level as we derive our unique position and mission from our emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

In this annual session of KMUN, we will have 3 General Assembly Committees: Social and Cultural Committee (GA 3), Legal Committee (GA 6), Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA 4), the UN Security Council, Advisory Panel on the Question of South China Sea, Joint Cabinet Crisis of Yugoslav Wars), Historical Cabinet of Catherine the Great, UNWOMEN, International Court of Justice, and IRA’s Army Council. The committees and agendas are all inspired by the theme: “Per
Aspera ad Astra: initiating change for equity and liberty during political uncertainty” We aspire to create an environment for political debate and interplay of different ideas, creating common grounds to reach the stars through difficulties, as represented in our theme. The time and dedication we put into this organization allowed us to experience the incredible feats our fellow team members went for KMUN, thereby solidifying our camaraderie and trust in one another.
We have banded together through the shared hardships we faced and stood by each other through thick and thin. The unity we have reached was the biggest takeaway of our years in KMUN. Our theme is inspired by the obstacles we have faced both in our personal lives and in the political aspect. KMUN is a place where we can unite in the virtue of our aspiration of being agents of change in ourrespective communities.

On behalf of the executive team, I hope KMUN 2023 will be a remarkable experience for all our participants and a starting point for the youth to be politically active citizens. I am looking forward to meeting you at the Kabataş Model United Nations Conference of 2023.
Most sincerely,
Azra Özen

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